We are not just a

church in the community,

We are a community church!

"in the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your father in heaven..."

matthew 5:16

    Feeding the total Man food pantry

    In an effort to respond to what the Greater Chicago Food Depository defines as the "working poor", God's House of Divine Revelation birthed the "Feeding the Total Man (FTTM)" Food Pantry. FTTM aims to meet the spiritual and physical needs of its participants by providing nutritional food items and also encouraging spiritual wellness. 

    Before COVID-19, FTTM fed over 2,000 individuals on a monthly basis but during COVID-19 we have pivoted to a biweekly delivery service. Our operation has delivered to over 1,000 individuals to date with combination food boxes of fresh produce and dairy.

    We strive to combat the pressing issues of food deserts in our community and continually seeks ways to encourage healthy lifestyle choices. 

    *Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, our efforts have changed and we come to you, but stay tuned to our website for updates about reopening!


    Dedicated to the well being of the members of its community, God's House of Divine Revelation continues to seek ways to facilitate the reentry into society for individuals convicted of a crime. Previous efforts have included job fairs with companies who have targeted efforts to provide employment for individuals with a criminal background. Additional efforts have included providing transportation and resources to allow individuals to obtain the tools necessary to begin their new normal.

    Programs for youth and young adults

    Understanding the importance of engaging youth in the church, God's House of Divine Revelation always strives to seek new and innovative ways to engage not only the youth of the church, but also the youth of the community. God's House of Divine Revelation has hosted Summer Enrichment camps, job fairs for young adults, mentor programming for young men and women, career training workshops, and a host of other programs aimed toward building a bright future for the youth of today.